I’m Hiring A Rock-Star “Right Hand”…Business Manager, Executive Manager

From the desk of Steve Carlson

Regarding: I’m looking for an A-Player Executive Manager – someone who is or can become a general manager level rockstar

Are you an executive that likes to ‘roll up your sleeves’ and thrives when solving growth-oriented problems? Is your gift integrating systems and teams for maximum operational results? Would you describe yourself as:
– Proactive
– Analytical
– Competitive
– Factual
– Informative
– Impatient
– Driven
– Meticulous
– Detailed
– Precise
If so, keep reading for a fantastic opportunity.

The Big Picture

My goal is to fill this role with an amazing person that I can work with for many years to come, providing you with a stable, fulfilling, and rewarding way for you to contribute your gifts to the world.

You’ll have an incredible opportunity to learn about serious real estate investing, business building as well as direct response and other types of marketing.  plus you’ll have an opportunity meet and interact with some of the most successful people that I know.

Your start time? Immediately!

Who Am I?

I’m Steve Carlson and known in the San Antonio real estate investment community as one of the most trusted and successful investors in the area.  Since 1998 we have purchased hundreds and hundreds of houses in the area to fix and resell and have amassed a substantial rental property portfolio in the process.  We have a small team in the Garden Ridge office that works closely with our contractors and service providers and we are growing very rapidly.  You can search for me online or visit my website www.SolutionHouseBuyers.com and SARealEstateDeals.com for additional information.

Here Is The Type Of Person I’m Looking For:

FAST FAST FAST! I am FAST – and I need you to keep up the pace! You work on 3 different things at once because otherwise you feel like you’re slacking off. You’re fast on your feet and can quickly change direction on a dime if the situation dictates.

You’re willing to take control. I need somebody that is a little dictator. I do not want somebody that’s super sweet like “I’m a gummy bear. I’m so happy! I’m sticky sweet from my head to my feet!” NO! I want somebody who’s like “HEY! This is what I need.  Get it to me!” And I’m like “Ahhh here you go!” You will be the overseer of order!

You have the memory of a bloody ELEPHANT! I work so fast I forget stuff all the time. Appointments. Meetings. Birthdays. You will be my living breathing memory bank, and you’ll need to save my behind at least on a weekly basis.

You absolutely ADORE what you do. This is important…no clockwatchers! Your focus needs to be on getting the job done – not getting the job done before the whistle blows. Heck, there isn’t a whistle anyway. (I’m a family man so that’s also important HOWEVER sometimes I have to sit and finish something after everyone is asleep so that I can push on to our goals and deadlines… so you may also have to do the same)

You can tolerate ME! To be clear – I’m a great guy, nice, generous, positive, but you also have to be able to deal with me not giving much direction, my slow (or nonexistent) communications and me generally ignoring you in favor of working on my businesses. If this is you, we’ll get along like a house on fire.

You have truly ASTOUNDING attention to detail. I’m a bit of a perfectionist – that’s one factor behind my success. So you need to fill in the details, and be absolutely anal about it. I need correspondence, emails, schedules, to all be as perfect as possible.

You are the best problem SOLVER you know.  Let’s get real, that’s a huge part of what management is…solving problems that arise every day.  You get a thrill out of analyzing a situation and coming up with a solution.  If that charges you up then this could be a great fit,  If you have to ask me a question that you can look up on the internet and get an accurate answer then this won’t work out long term.

You are a DIAMOND. Diamonds are created under pressure – and you’ll find yourself in plenty of situations where you need to be lighting fast, ultra-accurate and absolutely perfect, all in a very very short space of time.

Multi-tasking and organizational skills. You’ll be working on several different projects at once, and I can’t have you sitting there with your head spinning. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big believer in doing one thing at a time with focus, but I need someone who can set priorities and get things done.

Top notch teamwork, communication skills, and attitude. My team runs like a well-oiled machine because everyone pulls together and has a great attitude. Anyone who isn’t a team player will very quickly find themselves on the outside.

VALUES that align with ours.  I put this last but it’s actually most important.  If your value system aligns with ours you will thrive.  If not, you will be like a fish out of water and not a good match.  Here’s what’s important to us and make up our company culture:

  • Faith and Family First – Our priority is God and our families; work is important but it’s not #1.
  • Honesty and Integrity – We do what we say we are going to do even when it’s difficult.
  • Passion, drive and determination to succeed – Nothing will stop us from breaking thru obstacles and solving complex problems to reach a world class level.
  • Continuous improvement of ourselves – We love to learn, grow and develop into the people God wants us to be.
  • Fanatical attention to consistency and details – Consistently doing the right things right with excellence and a real sense of ownership.

Required Skills:

Computer Literate: You MUST be VERY VERY VERY computer literate….Our businesses use a lot of technology…. that means that you have to feel comfortable figuring things out when it comes to software and things on the web.

Excellent Written English – This is a MUST have for me and deal breaker.  You have to able to communicate extremely well in the written word. This means structure, proper use of nouns and adjectives, etc. Your ability to communicate precisely using the written word is very important.

You LOVE checklists: Your first instinct the moment you have a project in your hand is to create a checklist. You love guidelines and having everything spelled out in detail. You love organization and making sure that everything is exactly where it needs to be.

Pleasing personality – you’ll be interacting with clients, customers, and various business partners. So having a pleasing personality is a MUST. That means you’re outgoing and positive when on the phone with people (just like me).

Bilingual – It would be helpful if you were to speak both Spanish and English… it’s not a deal breaker by any means but certainly would give you an edge over other candidates.

Here’s A Small Sample of What You’ll Be Doing:

Creating Systems: You’ll be writing procedures and organizing them inside of our server, dropbox account and smartsheet.com application. You will ensure that files get named according to our standard protocol and then filed to the proper location in our online storage.

Staff Management – Our team is growing and we need additional A-Players.  You will be responsible for writing job ads, screening, interview applicants using a top grading approach.  Setting up and individual development plans within the organization

Onboarding New Hires –  Setting up all accounts new hire will need (email account, web site accesses, etc…). Sharing all Google Docs or Dropbox files a new hire will need.

Helping me in my real estate business – I’m an active real estate investor and will need your help in this area as well. In the beginning, I’ll have you dive right in and do a lot of the day to day activities with the existing team here so that you can learn how everything works. However, very quickly you’ll start to manage the process instead (since we’ll have other people on the team handling a lot of these tasks).

Helping me with the technology in our business: You’re going to be helping me with a lot of the technology that we use in our businesses.  You DON’T need to know how to use all of them BUT if you’re at least familiar with them… or can just say “Don’t worry… give me an hour and I’ll figure it out” then we’re going to work very well together. (Here’s a few of the things we use in our business: Awebber, mailchimp, wordpress, smartsheet.com, dropbox.com)

Email Inbox: If you have an inbox overflowed with hundreds of unread emails then this position is likely not for you. This is because eventually you’ll also be in charge of reading all of my incoming emails, tagging the critical ones that I should look at and handling or delegating the rest of them.

You’ll be a part of my business and personal life. I’ll be relying on you to keep things running as I run my real estate and other businesses, and you’ll quickly become the most important person in my organization. As such trust is HUGE for me.

Compensation and Getting Paid

You’ll start as a 1099 independent contractor with an expected workload of 6-8 hours per day.  I have no desire to manage your schedule.  Your performance is judged strictly by your results.  After the probation period you may transition to a w-2 employee.

The more you can help me scale, the greater the opportunity to go full time and the more opportunity for greater compensation.

The range of pay for this position is $15/hour to $25/ hour to start.  However know that there is tremendous upside in the form of partnership or profit sharing if you can scale the business.

The starting pay range depends on your experience level, weather you’ve done this type of work before, and familiarity with the tools that I listed above.


How To Apply For This Position:    Click Here to Apply

All Applicants will be expected to set up phone conversations with previous supervisors and peers so please do not apply if you do not have a stellar work history or references.  We are an amazing team and attract top talent to grow with us.

If this specifically describes you and you’re looking to directly impact an organization, please take a few minutes to complete this application. Applicants must complete this survey to be considered:

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